Medical Detox Program

Medical Detox Program

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Medical Detox Program

If someone falls victim to a significant drug or alcohol addiction, the effects the substance will have on their body and mind could be profound. They could begin to have health issues and struggle to cope with certain aspects of their life. It’s for that very reason that most people need time to detox from their substance(s) of choice. It’s nearly impossible to overstate the control an addiction holds over its victim.

When someone comes to our addiction treatment facility for help, we start the treatment process by assessing the nature of the client’s addiction. If a substance dependence is evident, we want to start the client is a medical detox program. A medical detox program exists for one reason: to help each client get safely past withdrawal symptoms and residual cravings for drugs or alcohol. This is a major part of the treatment process because clients need a clear mind and body to focus on the rigors of therapy.

What is a medical detox program? As a responsible addiction treatment facility, we want our clients to detox as naturally as possible without medical intervention. However, that’s not always possible because some withdrawal symptoms can be painful and dangerous. We are thinking in terms of breathing problems, tremors, hallucinations, blood pressure issues, and possible psychological problems. In an effort to make sure each client is safe and comfortable, we place them in a medical detox program under the care of professional medical staffers. Our medical staff will be responsible for monitoring each client’s progress and health. Should any client start to show signs of discomfort or distress during the detox process, a doctor will be standing by to prescribe relief medications whenever necessary.

The amount of time a client can expect to spend in our detox programs will depend largely on four factors: the depth of the client’s addiction, the substance of choice, the amount of time the client has been abusing their substance of choice, and the amount the client uses regularly. As a general rule of thumb, clients can expect to spend five to seven days in detox. However, there are circumstances under which a client might have to submit to a more significant detox program. This would generally happen if a client enters rehab with a long term opiate (heroin, fentanyl, prescription painkiller) or alcohol addiction. In such cases, we might prescribe a tapering program. In a tapering program, we give clients tapering medications like suboxone and methadone. We do this to control the rate at which the client will go through the detox process. The tapering medications allow us to wean clients off their substance of choice at a safer rate of speed. This prevents clients from having to deal with very serious medical conditions that can occur if the client’s body revolts against the withholding of the substance(s) it craves. With a tapering program, clients might spend up to two or more weeks in their detox programs. The whole point of this option is to make sure each client is always safe while they detox.

After a successful detox program, almost all clients are better suited to begin therapy. Their minds and body are clear of drugs/alcohol, which should allow them to focus on the rest of the treatment process, which includes individual therapy. As for individual therapy, this is where clients work with a therapist to learn the truth about their addiction issues. They will learn about the triggers and temptations that seem to drive their need to self-medicate. With this information, they can create the coping skills they will need to combat future relapses.

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