Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

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Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program

As a part of a growing addiction treatment community, we have positioned ourselves to be able to offer clients like you a full range of addiction treatment services. When you enter our facility, we will immediately assess your situation and assign you to an appropriate treatment program.

As treatment professionals, we strive to give our clients a premium level of care in the least restrictive way possible. The reason this matters is because not all clients require or want residential treatment. Taking everything into consideration, we do like to assign clients to outpatient programs whenever possible.

If you have a significant addiction problem but can’t or won’t submit to a residential treatment program, we can place you in a “partial hospitalization” outpatient program. Of the three most common outpatient options, the others being intensive outpatient and standard outpatient, partial hospitalization is the most restrictive option.

Remember, we do not require clients to reside overnight in our rehab facility while they go through any of our outpatient treatment programs. With partial hospitalization, here is what clients are expected to do: spend five or more days a week for up to six hours a day in therapy. Treatment might need to continue for up to three months.

Note: In most cases, there is a correlation between the depth of a client’s addiction and the amount of time they will spend in treatment.

A partial hospitalization program can have several components with individual therapy always being the primary focus of treatment. Individual therapy is the time you would spend working one on one with a therapist. The task at hand is for you and your therapist to work towards identifying the root causes of your addiction. Is this important? Absolutely.

Any knowledge you can gain about the nature of your addiction will give you the basis for developing better coping and life skills. Working with your therapist, you will get the chance to develop “targeted” coping skills to help you better manage temptations and your triggers in the future.

Aside from individual therapy, we also like to get our partial hospitalization clients involved in group therapy sessions. In a group setting, we can introduce you to other clients who are also suffering from drug or alcohol addiction issues. Among yourselves, you can discuss important topics and work on projects. The primary objective of group therapy is to allow clients a chance to build support resources they can use in the future.

If we place you in a partial hospitalization program, we would do so with the expectation you would strictly adhere to the rules. First, you would need to show up on time for all of your scheduled appointments. While in therapy, you would be expected to focus and participate in your treatment to the best of your ability. We would also expect you to stay sober and drug-free.

If you were to meet or exceed our standards and show solid progress, there is a possibility we could reassign you to a less restrictive outpatient care option. You could think of it as a reward for doing good work.

If you consistently fall short of our expectations, we would generally have two options. First, we might strongly recommend you agree on entering our residential treatment program. We would hope you would see this as us making sure you get the level of care you need to achieve recovery.

If for any reason you were unable or unwilling to submit to residential care, we might need to discuss other options, including having you seek help in another rehab facility. A change of scenery might get you back on track. Whatever we agree to in the end, your welfare will always be our primary concern.

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