Sober Living Program

Sober Living Program

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Sober Living Program

The increasing number of people seeking and receiving alcohol and substance abuse treatment is high. Therefore, people who require additional support to live a substance-free life are many. Sober living programs are designed to help people transition from intensive addiction treatment programs to independent living quickly.

Unlike what you might think, getting sober is the first step towards a drug-free life. Most people require extended periods of on-going support to prevent a relapse. Our sober living program offers help to individuals who leave intensive or inpatient treatment programs.

An introduction to our sober living programs

Our sober living program offers continuing care for people transitioning from drug and alcohol addiction. The program requires residents to remain in supervised recovery homes. The main goal is to help them achieve full independence after they are in stable sobriety. The residents have to practice full autonomy as the supervising staff and peers keep them accountable.

Our sober living programs are designed for;

  • People who require more accountability while still in the recovery process
  • Individuals stepping down from the outpatient or intensive inpatient programs
  • Those stepping into a structured independent home
  • People without any alcohol or drugs in their system

Some of the things that make the first year of recovery from drugs and alcohol hard

As we have stated, many people find it hard to stick to their recovery paths, especially in the first year of recovery. The dramatic shift from the control expected in addiction treatment centres to the independence expected away from the centres can give rises to problems for most recovering people. Things that can lead to relapse include.

  • Too much independence: most people will have a lot of free time after leaving a treatment centre, and they spend most of their day unsupervised. Access to their phones, internet and money can influence them to go back to their old ways of living.
  • No established personal support systems: only a few people will have the support systems they need for a full recovery. They need help to address issues such as lack of motivation, anxiety and unfamiliarity of what they should do in their new life.
  • It is hard to find employment: after leaving the treatment centre, it might take a long time before you find work. You need help to prevent relapse in such hard times.

What our sober living program provides

Sober living homes are different from rehab centres. A rehab centre has to offer intensive recovery experience and provide the residences with minimal freedom. But people in our sober living facilities can come and go as they please – they only need to follow the rules. They are also subject to random drug testing, which demonstrates their on-going sobriety. The program provides:

  • A house manager to check in with the residents each day
  • Guidelines or requirements important in producing the needed recovery behaviours. However, it is up to the individual residents to remain compliant with the instructions. The managers do not influence this part.
  • Camaraderie. Camaraderie might be the most significant benefit that our sober living program provides. The housemates and roommates will share a common ground with you. Just like you, other residents will be going through a hard time too, and they need support.

It is up to you to decide on the type of services you require because they are not mandatory for your recovery. You have to agree to the rules, and any rule violation has consequences. The program requires you to pay a fine, write an essay or leave the program in case of rule violations.


Our sober living program might be helpful if you are struggling to stop drug or alcohol abuse. People in our sober living homes have to follow all the set house rules and do the chores. They must remain sober throughout the program, something that promotes long-term recovery. Contact us today, and you will get the help you need.

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